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Store Front!

Posted by Brooke Fulwider on 12/26/2016
Store Front!
I've been about to burst to share the exciting news!! We are expanding into our first store front in the spring of 2017. We are trying to open in March, so keep checking in for the latest news and updates. We will be releasing several new brands and products we have not offered before. These products will be new to our area and we can not wait to share them! 

We are under construction at the moment, but everything appears to be on schedule. We will be working on our grand opening party and we will get the details out when we get a little closer to March. Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and we look forward to an exciting 2017. 

Please keep checking back in our blog section and I will continue to post updates as we move along.


Coffee Table Styling by Too Chic Words

Posted by Susana on 11/15/2016
Coffee Table Styling by Too Chic Words
Styling a coffee table for Thanksgiving

Monogrammed Diaper Bags: The Perfect Gift

Posted by For Posh Sake on 9/22/2014
When it’s time to buy a gift for a friend or family member who is having a baby, you may peruse the gift registry time and again to find the perfect gift. Bottles, bibs, pacifiers, diapers…yes, all these are much needed things in babyhood, but you want your gift to leave a lasting impression. Your gift will be one that is used over and over and each time, the new mother will think of you with gratitude.

Reasons Why You Should Get Your Items Monogramed

Posted by For Posh Sake on 9/8/2014
Getting your household items monogrammed, has become the new in-thing today. You can emboss neat little initials of your name on a variety of products and have them personalized. Mothers can get baby bottles and tumblers monogrammed with the names of their infants. It can be really charming and yet look sophisticated at the same time. Here are some interesting ways in which you can use these monogrammed products.

Baby Products That Are Perfect for Adult Men, Women

Posted by For Posh Sake on 8/21/2014
Baby products are great: those little shoes are awfully cute; the sun dresses are adorable; and the rattles are, well, you know, perfectly charming. And, what is even greater than are standard baby products are those that are also made for adults like you and me. Oh, and get this, many of these large-sized baby products can be monogrammed.

How to Light up Your Wedding and Impress Guests

Posted by For Posh Sake on 8/15/2014
Lighting is one of the critical requirements in a memorable wedding. Whether you are planning for a vintage-themed wedding, or you’re inspired by a garden wedding, strategically-placed lights in the wedding venue set the tone for a wedding to remember.

The crazy time is coming.

Posted by David on 7/16/2014
When it comes to heading back to school, there is no easing into it. Families pretty much go from relaxed, no-need-to-watch-the-clock summers to the chaos that is back-to-school shopping and then the craziness that is busy kids with school and extra-curricular activities - and of course, the parents juggling those activities with something called work, which puts dinner on the table.

Set the Stage for an Elegant Picnic

Posted by Forposhsake on 7/8/2014
The smell of freshly mown lawn, the light sound of birds, and a clear blue sky are all an invitation to take your meals outdoors. You might enjoy breakfast on the deck in time to watch the sunrise.

Monogrammed Must-Haves for Summer

Posted by Technical Support User on 7/4/2014
The summer season brings about a whole new range of activities with the family, especially since school’s finally out and the weather’s just right to spend a lot of time outdoors. Here at For Posh Sake, we’re all about assisting you in making your summer activities and trips even more memorable and awesome with these must-have monogrammed items that are just oh-so perfect to grab this summer season.

Serve Drinks With Style and Flair

Posted by Taylor on 6/19/2014
The difference between hosting an everyday get-together and a memorable occasion lies in the spirit and style that you bring to your guests. Whether you are serving creative cocktails or classics, a little attention to presentation makes a big impression. From choosing the right drink ware for different types of beverages to adding fun with frosted rims and drink markers, learn how to set the stage by serving your guests in style.

Coming Soon!

Posted by on 5/28/2014
Coming Soon!